Since 2012 I have been teaching myself the art and craft of designing and sewing clothing.  The learning curve has been steep and it has also been quite an adventure. 

The clothing and accessories you will find on this website are, unless noted, all designed and made by me from my own original patterns. 

The fabric and materials I select are based on my goal of obtaining the highest quality I can find from local and regional sources first - this includes denim from Greensboro, NC, thread from Charlotte, NC, and hardware made in Kentucky.  When necessary I also select high quality fabrics from countries such as Japan and Italy.  

Each piece is built one-piece-at-a-time in my workshop in Asheville, North Carolina using my modest collection of vintage industrial sewing machines.  Using machinery that dates back to the 1920's sometimes takes a little longer, but I believe the results are worth the extra servicing and maintenance required.

The aesthetic of the Circle A Brand is strongly influenced by working people’s clothing of the 1910's-1940's, though no piece is necessarily a reproduction from that time period.  Rather every garment and accessory is a re-imagining of historical workwear.  Taken together, every Circle A Brand garment and accessory is designed to tell one piece of a larger story. The ending of this story is uncertain, but it begins with you.