Field Journal

Bristol, TN

Went up to Bristol, TN to visit L.C. King Manufacturing last Friday.  Had great time touring the 100 year old home of Pointer Brand workwear.  Ended up being too amazed at the great details of the old interior spaces and too engrossed in the story of the company to take a lot of pictures, but I'll be up there again and surely get some more images. Also took a moment to visit the Burger Bar in Bristol, VA, the location of Hank Williams' last meal before his fatal car accident.

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Circle A Brand - The Website!

Alright, the Circle A Brand Mfg. Co. now has a real website!  While I finish working on my Kickstarter orders I figure it might to nice to offer a few of the accessories that I've been working on.  There's more to come, so stop by again soon. Big thanks to Hillman Ball for helping get this all together.  Also want to thank my brother Alec for his assistance.  And finally Miss Katie (pictured above holding the new Utility #2) for her patience.  Thanks everyone.  Enjoy!

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